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All Seasons: Walking the Path of the Flood

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The All Seasons Show has just finished filming and releasing a new episode. This time we ventured on a new trail. The PA Woods and Forests Crew; were joined on this episode by members of the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority and Cambria County Commissioner Tom Chernisky to explore the Path of the Flood Trail. The surprisingly warm day was filled with many twists and turns but ultimately a lot of fun. This trail has bigger plans in the not-so-distant future. The hiking trail will become part of the Flight 93 Memorial trail system and become a piece of a national park and trail system. The area around the hiking trail could have many frogs and toads, which is crucial to the frog conservation project we host every year. We hope to document the frogs we find in this area and revisit the trail in other seasons.

We are hoping to continue featuring regional hiking trails and campgrounds. There is no mention yet of the next hiking trail or next episode, but it will soon be determined. We are working on filling out the roster for these videos and show. Josh and Ben are the two show hosts, but soon other cast members might join the show for production. The show continues to evolve from the difficult beginning we had in October through the last two episodes embraced by many citizens of the Cambria County area. We hope to continue exploring new places. The camera gear has also come along nicely. The primary camera has been the new GoPro Hero 10 Black. This camera filmed most of the scenes from the last two episodes. One of the future updates we are looking to make is with audio. We are looking to enhance our audio to create a better viewing experience for viewers of the show on the YouTube Channel. We will reveal more information on upcoming hikes and gear in future blogs and videos. One of the most exciting opportunities we have is creating this show. More updates are soon to come featuring the next hike.

Watch the new episode of All Seasons at the link below:

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 27, 2023

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