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The Woods Upcoming Project: Creating The Pennsylvania Woods Vivarium And Understanding The History

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Every brand has its flagship project or product. Despite two increasingly popular shows and our conservation series in the summer, the upcoming project we are about to discuss is the most important project for PA Woods and Forests. The brand was once focused only on care for pet frogs and toads. Many revisions of one staple enclosure were designed for a few years from 2015 to 2018, with various flora and fauna. Regardless of the many species inside the enclosures filmed over the years, one thing remained: the need for a native species enclosure that could showcase some of the most misunderstood and overlooked creatures in the world. The top video for this project hit over twelve thousand five hundred views on YouTube. Any video project or show has yet to match the interest of viewers

The project was cut short by unforeseen circumstances because parasites were discovered and nearly killed all of the frogs and toads that are ambassadors and pets across our social media. A long break was enforced to contain or eradicate the parasites was prioritized over filming the animals in quarantine. The time that followed created challenging times for our brand because we had to either find another way to stay relevant or forego years without content. During this time, we reimagined our brand more than just pet care and enclosures; we had a vision for a conservation project that would benefit the wild frogs and toads of Western Pennsylvania. With nothing better to call this conservation project, we chose the name Frog Week. The conservation project was supported by Josh's Frogs the first year of the series; with nothing else to film and focus on while the pets battled the parasites, Frog Week would remain the only source for content for more than two years.

Over the last year, more was discussed, and the name of our brand encouraged us to attempt even more to focus on; at the same time, we had the pets nearly ready to make a comeback and Frog Week 2021 wrapping up. We thought of two shows that would help tie our audience together and help us continue to reimagine what the brand can be. We focused on hiking and camping; because we became aware of the interest many in our region had in camping and hiking. We created a show for hiking and camping to reach the local community and their support. Simultaneously, we created a show for pet care, and this time the animals were used as ambassadors for how fellow pet keepers can care for their pets in the same manner we care for ours. These two shows plan to carry PA Woods and Forests through the end of 2021 and to be major factors in the continued success of the brand. They will continue through 2022, and Frog Week 2022 will also jump into the mix. The two shows and limited series will be the main focus points of the upcoming year for PA Woods and Forests.

With the new projects and continuous growth in our brand from growing subscribers and followers, the focus has remained on creating the native species enclosure like what we accomplished in years past. Many factors contributed to the downfall of the previous attempts at this project. More time devoted to researching important eco areas of the project focused on the animals and plants and the environment, this attempt to build the enclosure more thoroughly. A veterinarian is in place for treating parasites; many experts in various fields are a text, email, or phone call away; as compared to years before with not having anyone. This project can educate a large audience on the local plants and animals many from the northeastern United States and Canada have observed close to home. The upcoming project has the highest budget compared to the two shows and Frog Week.

BBC America documentaries inspired the story concept for this upcoming series. Other inspirations for this series are America's National Parks and stories created by Antscanada (YouTuber). Major consideration went into the choice of cameras and tech gear to film and share the stories from this series. We identified the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k with the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens for the A-camera and lens combo. We recently purchased the GoPro Hero 10 Black for slow motion and an additional camera. The production might be 4K50FPS because both cameras can shoot 50FPS. Both, Pocket 6K and GoPro would be downscaled to 4K to create sharper nicer looking images. If we choose another camera as the C-camera, it will have to shoot at least 4K50FPS. This decision will work itself out.

This project will be different and exclusive, unlike the other enclosures featured in the Wild Vivariums show. We created these enclosures to be the best they possibly could be. The upcoming series "Through The Woods" is not just about one enclosure. It is not supposed to help people take care of their pets. Through The Woods is an aggressive and possibly considered taboo story to provide education and entertainment based on the native wildlife in the woodlands and forests around them. This story is about changing seasons and ecosystems. This project does not only embrace a massive enclosure; but also the additional pieces along with it. A greenhouse will shelter plants and allow us to cultivate them for use inside the large enclosure, and two ant colonies will be connected and help to self feed the main tank on a regulated basis. A red wiggler colony will also be joined with a tube and regulated for the worms to help self-feed the enclosure. Canyon isopods will be colonized as feeders and clean-up crews to help the worms and springtails break down mold, decaying matter, etc. There could be seven enclosures that co-exist to create the ecosystem in this project. More about other exhibits in another update. Through The Woods will have changing weather. Thunderstorms, full moons, foggy days, changing temperatures, and many other environmental factors will impact the main enclosure and might affect the surrounding exhibits if possible. We are very excited to put three years of planning into action.

We have decided what size the main enclosure would measure, and the last pieces for the main tank need construction. The goal to have the exhibits nearly finished is tentatively summer 2022. The 225 gallon needs building along with the stand and canopy. After the massive enclosure is built and put in place, the rest of the exhibits will fall in line. We are hoping to have updates as the upcoming year progresses. We have come from being focused as a brand; on only one topic to now having multiple focuses and continued growth. Now the dust has settled, the frogs and toads featured in this storyline are nearly as healthy as they need to be; we can go full circle and begin planning what this brand was created for and to provide a better service to viewers and fans. This time with the best interest of the animals and the continued growth in knowledge, the native species' storyline can be attempted once again.

In the next update, we will discuss more the animals and plants, provide updates on the enclosure's construction, and provide more info on specs.

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