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Wild Vivariums Season 3

Wild Vivariums Season 3 is coming, and it will be one wild ride! We will be covering many topics, including keeping up with the frogs and toads and diving into care tips and how to keep various species.

The three enclosures will be what season 3 is centered around. We will teach you how to build and maintain simple habitats. We will finally have product reviews and product testing. Feeding videos will return. Some of the OG PA Woods and Forests Community members remember the "Swarms Battles," which are an exclusive to the Wild Vivariums story, is also returning. A "Swarms Battle" attempts to replicate the mass gathering of different inverts as the seasons change. We dump an abundance of feeder insects into the habitats and film as the frogs and toads hunt them. We will begin new series like having "top-ten lists" and "watch this before..." videos that will help viewers make an educated decision before they get a new pet frog or get a new product, for example. We will cover tech reviews because the frogs and toads of the Wild Vivariums show are spoiled with smart tech gear like wifi power strips, smart lights, security cameras, and wifi thermometers and hygrometers, to name some. Not all smart devices are ideal for your pets. We will talk about all this.

We will give more presentations to the public. "Critter Talks" are owned by the Nonprofit PA Woods and Forests Inc. In our collaborative asset agreement, the nonprofit has access to the pets in the Wild Vivariums show. These pets will accompany AAron Capouellez as he presents these animals to live audiences to promote the conservation of various plants and animals. These presentations will be a part of what Woods and Forests Media owns, but the presentation is a PA Woods and Forests Inc. exclusive. It might sound confusing, but the Media company owns the video rights, so we can use the footage however we like; the nonprofit is the promoter of the presentation.

Wild Vivariums Season 3 will be filmed with the iPhone XS primarily and Sony a6300 as the B-Cam. This has been the combination through most of the show. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are here to stay for the show and we need to have a phone to make shorts. It only makes sense for the phone to be the main camera if we are going to continue to film shorts and reels. Once an iPhone with 8K resolution comes out we will likely make the jump and upgrade the main camera for this show. We found the GoPro Hero 10 does not seem to work well in this situation because some scenes are at night and some scenes are in low light. We will have a much-improved display for season 3 with better camera angles and more sharp and clear shots of the animals.

Season 3 will begin in 2023. We look forward to the new season and we hope to test the limits of what this show can become.

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