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Wild Vivariums Season 3: 3 Month Update

Season 3 of Wild Vivariums has officially kicked off! Many YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels have been released and are paramount to this new season. The goal was to show more of the animals and more cool scenes. We were able to accomplish this with short-format video clips. The shorts appear to reach a larger audience, so more people are learning about this show's various frogs and toads. The success of this show has made it the clear winner for the YouTube show of the year for 2023. This show was on the verge of possibly getting canceled or reimagined. Thankfully, the success and reach this show continues to display moves it off the hot seat.

We have seen the show's featured videos focus on Dante and the Gray Army (Gray Tree Frogs) as they face many challenges. Episode 2 was more informative and hands-on, giving viewers short bits and pieces of information and mixing in with how the Gray Army is taken care of. You can expect to see the Gray Army in more videos as AAron hopes to make educational videos to help frog and toad keepers better understand how to care for their pets. More about that to follow in the later sections of this update.

The Wild Vivariums show is more than just gray tree frogs. American toads are another group featured. Wellsboro, the golden toad, and Navi are a part of the show and will be in episode 3. Toads are the most popular animal on the Woods and Forests Media YouTube Channel. A pair of them returning for a full-time position means more subscribers will tune back in. The show has taken a turn so AAron can provide pet updates and care videos for fellow frogs and toad keepers. This episode will be the first time since 2018 a serious video is uploaded for American toads on the channel. Episode 3 is sure to deliver to American toad lovers. It continues to scratch the surface of what the show hopes to dive deeper into as the season progresses.

Many videos will focus on both groups and give updates and care information. It will be interesting to see the species-specific care videos. Additionally, the pet updates featuring both enclosures should garner attention. There is talk a future video could even discuss why the Gray Army and Toads are separate. AAron attempted to keep American toads with gray tree frogs years ago, so it will be fascinating to hear his thoughts on the idea of the two species together. Through the early part, the show appears to feature both groups heavily, compared to the past two seasons, which barely featured the toads.

We have only seen Max in shorts, and there are very few details describing the status of the 125 Gallon Five-Lined Dumpy Family. This enclosure is the only exotic enclosure featured on the channel. Green and golden bell frogs were revealed as a third species to the frog enclosure. It is unclear how all three groups are interacting. Season 3 should have care videos and pet updates featuring White's tree frogs too. This enclosure should be fun to watch, especially with the Swarms Battles returning to the channel. How will the tree frogs and skinks react to swarms of black soldier flies? What will the group do when waxmoths swarm the enclosure? Tree frogs versus moths or flies are always a highlight reel waiting to happen.

Wild Vivariums is now a show exclusive to the Frogs and Toads Facebook Group that AAron owns. Now that he is the leader, he intends to provide the best information possible and lead by example: showcasing his pets and offering care tips for fellow members. Of course, Wild Vivariums was created for the Woods and Forests Community on YouTube. Having a target audience has given more direction to the show and seems to be how AAron is moving while providing care tips in the videos. No matter how you watch the show, it is educational to all. The production of the show appears to have increased dramatically. AAron seems to have focused on filming the frogs with his a6300 over his iPhone. The images coming from the Sony camera are stunning. This season is head and shoulders above the previous two if we focus alone on production.

Wild Vivariums Season 3 appears to be shaping up to deliver its best season and entertain frog enthusiasts as the show goes on. We cannot wait for the debut of the toads and the 125-gallon in the new season!

Watch Season 3 here:

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