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Wild Vivariums Show: Education and entertainment on display!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Wild Vivariums is a new show featured on our YouTube channel, centered around helping frog, toad, and lizard pet owners care for their pets. The enclosures were designed with the thought that any viewer watching could build the same enclosure and care for their pet with various accessories and devices.

The animals featured in the show features White's tree frogs, Eastern gray tree frogs, American toads, and Southeastern five-lined skinks. Within the YouTube channel and across various social media outlets, many animals are named and have an alias as a catchy nickname as a collective group. The gray tree frogs are called the "Gray Army" a group of frogs is called an army, and these frogs happen to be gray tree frogs. When the two thoughts are combined, the Gray Army is formed. White's tree frogs are also called "dumpy tree frogs" three of these tree frogs live together and seem to hang around each other. Using a common name and providing testimonials towards the relationship these three tree frogs appear to have, the "Dumpy Family was born" - The skinks are a pair of sexed lizards that have reproduced for many years. Lizards are territorial, and males will fight to the death if it involves resources. A skink wants to breed and occupy as much territory as possible. The ancient Egyptians wanted to occupy land and wanted their families to stay in power as long as possible. Putting the thoughts together, the "Skink Dynasty" was created. The toads do not have a group name other than just "Toads" - but this could soon change in upcoming updates.

Eleven animals and three enclosures are soon to become featured in this show. You can watch this program with family because it is kid-friendly, providing entertaining scenes. The YouTube show is also excellent for anyone interested in keeping frogs, toads, or skinks. Even if you keep an animal similar to the species featured in the program like; the Cope's gray tree frog, Fowler's toad, common five-lined skink, or anything related to them, pet keepers can apply the same tips and care suggested in these videos.

One goal of the show is to focus on keeping frogs and lizards as pets to the best of our ability. PA Woods and Forests believes in fewer animals and more space. Even though eleven animals are featured in the show, there are far fewer individuals as compared to most pet tubers. The quality and quantity of care and updates we can provide with having few pets and fewer but much larger enclosures benefit the pets of the PA Woods and Forests Community.

The first episode was uploaded yesterday and provides good tips for caring for your animals and promotes a device to help them thrive. See the links below to watch the pilot episode and bonus content.

Watch Wild Vivariums Episode 1 featuring Max and The Dumpy Family Below:

Watch the bonus content below:


Welcome to the blog for the Critter Talks additional section for the new show Wild Vivariums. This part of the show was created to inform public audiences and present different critters in a studio setup for YouTube viewers. AAron will present at many public locations and create content that will help listeners understand more in-depth about whatever the topic of discussion is. Stay tuned on the YouTube channel and playlist Wild Vivariums for more videos, and keep checking back here for more blog articles.

Watch Episodes 1 and 2 of this additional part of the Wild Vivariums Show

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