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Wild Vivariums Updates In 2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We started filming for shows on the YouTube channel in late 2021. One of the shows created was Wild Vivariums. This YouTube show has many contributing pieces like giving presentations at public venues with the frogs and toads and other critters featured in this show. We also provide care tips and tricks for pet keepers to take better care of their pets. Wild Vivariums in 2021 focused on creating a foundation. We wanted to catch you up to speed with all the animals featured in the show, begin presenting at public venues and begin creating care videos empowering pet keepers and giving them tools to enrich the lives of their herps. 2022 is about building on the success from the foundational aspect from last year.

We have three enclosures with many animals. The 125-Gallon Vivarium features White's tree frogs and Southeastern five-lined skinks. These two groups of animals we documented well for many years. Their conglomerate nickname is the Five-Lined Dumpy Family. They featured in the first blog for Wild Vivariums.

The gray tree frogs are also well documented are featured in this show. Many readers from various forums and Facebook groups read of their adventures over the years. The 'Gray Army' live together in an Exo Terra 36x18x36 habitat (101-gallon) and, they do not share their enclosure with another frog or lizard. They live with our favorite plant, the northern purple pitcher plant. Some might think the plant is too dangerous to keep with the smaller tree frogs, but when they get larger provide shelter for the frogs during the day. In the wild, gray tree frogs and other frogs in their family (hylids) have a mutually beneficial relationship. We focus on conservation for both plant and frog, and we decided to keep them together because it could be a natural stimulant for both parties in this case.

Just recently added to the show, two American toads, Wellsboro the 'Golden Toad' and Navi, live in an Exo Terra 36x18x24 (67-gallon vivarium) together. Toads have been one of the most viewed animals on our YouTube channel; and, so we wanted to find a way to make videos about these animals again. We are pleased to say a new enclosure for these two is operational, and we are thinking of ways to introduce the toads and their new habitat to YouTube. We are very excited to have four groups and three enclosures featured in this show.

The YouTube show will look different in 2022. Towards the end of last year, we acquired new gear to shoot videos. The new GoPro Hero 10, an iPhone, and the old reliable Sony a6300 are all the cameras filming from now on. We had some footage from past episodes that looked very grainy and unprofessional. We are making big changes in this department. We almost caught up with releasing footage from our reserves featuring the animals. We have a smaller 2021 highlight episode in the works, but we are focusing on showing new content the rest of 2022. The YouTube show will be in 4K at 30FPS. Most shows like sitcoms are in 30FPS, and it is not as demanding on the cameras shooting this frame rate. We fixated on providing high quality in our videos, and the new episodes are only starting to get to our standards for quality. We are sure there will be a major difference from the beginning of this year to the end with how much we will grow and where the show will turn. We are looking forward to presenting you with new and exciting content in 2022.

To watch Wild Vivariums click the link below

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