Conservation through Education and Entertainment.

Welcome to PA Woods and Forests!

We focus on the frogs and toads from Pennsylvania exploring through the wilderness to conserve and educate you of the incredible species that call the woods and forests home.

We specialize in other native critters like carnivorous plants, various inverts, and more that live in the PA Woods and Forests. You will meet our pet frogs, toads, and lizards in group specific playlists. Our pets are captive ambassadors. We have care, educational, and entertaining videos of them as their lives unfold in their specific playlists. We give presentations to the public with our pets and use them as a symbol for conservation.

Pennsylvania has incredible woodlands and forests. Join us as we go hiking, camping, herping, and more. Our home sections; and playlists help you find the video, animal group, or; enclosure, or story you are looking for. Each playlist is about a series of certain animals or adventures.