About Us

What We Focus On

PA Woods and Forests is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving those passionate about the woods and forests of Pennsylvania.


Our goal is to connect our various projects with our followers by entertaining and educating them about the creatures that live in their backyards. We are currently focusing on six counties:








While frogs and toads are the main focus, we also focus on other flora and fauna. Plants, invertebrates, and other amphibians and reptiles are all prioritized. We are very involved in helping to conserve habitat for the purple pitcher plant, as one example.

We have a target species list:

American toads

Wood frogs

Eastern gray tree frogs

Pickerel frogs

Spotted salamanders

Slimy salamanders

Purple pitcher plants

Giant American millipedes

White-lip globe snails

Brown bats

American woodcocks

Carpenter ants

Solitary bees

Redbelly snakes

Other frogs and toads

Bog plants, berry bushes, wildflowers

Crickets, grasshoppers, katydids

In addition to our citizen science surveys and conservation projects for native flora and fauna, we also have pets that act as ambassadors for educational representation for certain species that are native to the state and some pets are exotic but still educational.

We host public events in the counties we prioritize. AAron Capouellez hosts Frog Walks. They are evening and night hikes created to expose the public to frogs and toads. AAron hosts Millipede Roundups on bike trails. Giant American millipedes are killed by bikers on many biking trails every year. Millipede Roundups are hikes that focus on educating the public about the importance of these creatures. AAron also gives presentations to nursing homes and church groups with live plants and animals. These presentations are called Critter Talks. The presentations allow an audience to observe various critters up close. See what events we have coming up in our events section!

PA Woods and Forests focuses on the conservation and education of amphibians, reptiles, plants, and inverts. Additionally, we encourage the public to go hiking and camping because it will create more interest and give more reason to conserve the land these various creatures need in our state.


Follow us as we focus on the conservation of species in our woods, forests, and backyards of Pennsylvania.