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PA Woods and Forests is an Outreach and Citizen Science 501C3 non-profit organization that focuses on the conservation of many different plants and animals. Our priority is frogs, toads, pollinators, the native purple pitcher plant, and many invertebrates.

Target Amphibians:

American toad
Wood frog

Eastern gray tree frog

Pickerel frog

Spring peeper

Northern green frog

American bullfrog

Spotted salamander

Slimy salamander

Other Target Species:

Purple pitcher plant

Giant American millipede

White-lip globe snail

Target Pollinators:

Leafcutter bee

Painted lady butterfly

Green lacewing

Monarch butterfly

Eastern mason bee

Hummingbird hawk-moth

Little brown bat

Big brown bat

Other Target Inverts:


Crickets, grasshoppers, katydids

Target Counties:




Frog Week is a Citizen Science Project

 created by IUP graduate student AAron Capouellez, The Frog Week project conserves frogs and toads in Pennsylvania. This citizen science project monitors wild populations of American toads, wood frogs, gray tree frogs, and pickerel frogs while filming them for educational and entertaining videos for a YouTube and fieldwork conservation project with our partner,  Woods and Forests Media. Key features of the project:

  •  Documenting frogs to enhance wild populations

  • Road rescues to move frogs off busy roads

  • Rescuing wounded or sick frogs and taking them to wildlife rehabilitation centers

  • Hosting Frog Walks (nature hikes) to teach the community about the frogs and toads in their backyards

  • Showcasing ambassador animals with Critter Talks

  • Creating backyard habitats and monitoring them for suburban frogs and toads

  • Relocating tadpoles from drying vernal pools

  • Presenting our fieldwork on the Woods and Forests Media YouTube channel to share the results with the community

Frog Week is the first citizen science project of PA Woods and Forests.

Outreach Events

Frog Walks are guided night hikes that educate the public on the diverse species native to their region and some of the challenges the frogs and toads face.


Millipede Roundups on bike trails. These Roundups are a guided hike and presentation focused on one of our target species (Giant American Millipedes) and their conservation.


AAron of Woods and Forests Media gives presentations with his pets called Critter Talks. He brings them to church groups, nursing homes, libraries, and anywhere interested in hosting a Critter Talk. 

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