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Frog Week

Citizen Science Meets YouTube.

Frog Week is a citizen science project created by IUP graduate student AAron Capouellez as he works to conserve frogs and toads in Pennsylvania. This citizen science project monitors and works to increase wild populations of American toads, wood frogs, gray tree frogs, and pickerel frogs while filming them for educational and entertaining videos for a YouTube conservation project with our sister company Woods and Forests Media. This project features documenting wild populations, road rescues, relocating the animals, rescuing wounded or sick frogs, and taking them to wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Frog Week is the first citizen science project of PA Woods and Forests. 

In the eight counties listed above. AAron Capouellez hosts Frog Walks just before sunset.

Frog Walks are guided night hikes with the goal of educating the public on the diverse species native to their region and some of the challenges the frogs and toads face.