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Frog Week

Citizen Science Meets YouTube.

Frog Week is a citizen science project created by IUP graduate student AAron Capouellez as he works to conserve frogs and toads in Pennsylvania. This citizen science project monitors and works to increase wild populations of American toads, wood frogs, gray tree frogs, and pickerel frogs while filming them for educational and entertaining videos for a YouTube conservation project with our sister company Woods and Forests Media. This project features documenting wild populations, road rescues, relocating the animals, rescuing wounded or sick frogs, and taking them to wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Frog Week is the first citizen science project of PA Woods and Forests. 

In the eight counties listed above. AAron Capouellez hosts Frog Walks just before sunset.

Frog Walks are guided night hikes with the goal of educating the public on the diverse species native to their region and some of the challenges the frogs and toads face.

Ambient Weather Network showcases the interest of the citizens of the community in western and central Pennsylvania in the weather around them. We are able to gather more information about the weather in our target counties and understand current weather patterns from a micro-climate perspective. This weather map will help us better understand what is happening around the western and central woods and forests. Zoom out with the map to view the weather in your area!

Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey (PARS) is a database the state of Pennsylvania uses to understand what species of reptiles and amphibians exist in each county. Some of our board members and volunteers actively participate in the survey. We use PARS to understand the target amphibians and reptiles around central and western Pennsylvania. Click the county you live in to see what species were found!

The Woods Ace_1.1.1.png

Woods and Forests Media is building a large vivarium featuring many of our target species: American toads, wood frogs, purple pitcher plants, and many native plant species. This project will showcase these creatures and give us an up close and personal perspective of these frogs and plants. This project goes hand and hand with our citizen science project and provides an up-close perspective based on the lives these creatures live. "Through The Woods" is Coming Soon. Click the picture to watch short videos of the project on the Woods and Forests Media YouTube Channel!

Frog Week is the YouTube and social media side of our citizen science project. The videos feature road rescues, frogs and toads breeding, and conservation of frogs and toads. Our citizen science project was featured on many news outlets: Tribune-Democrat, Daily American, Tribune-Review, WCRO, WTAJ, Studio 814, and more! Scroll down to watch Frog Week from the Woods and Forests Media YouTube Channel.