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Critter Talks

An exciting outreach event that PA Woods and Forests hosts at libraries, church groups, schools, and nursing homes is a Critter Talk. This presentation promises to be both educational and engaging for attendees of all ages.

Critter Talks are presented by AAron Capouellez, the owner of Woods and Forests Media. AAron holds a state permit for native reptiles and amphibians, which allows him to bring live specimens to his presentations.


During the Critter Talk, AAron will bring various native frogs and toads to discuss their vital role in our ecosystem. In addition to amphibians, he will showcase other fascinating critters, such as native carnivorous pitcher plants and invertebrates like land snails and millipedes.

A Critter Talk focuses on environmental stewardship and the importance of protecting the diverse array of critters in our backyards. These family-friendly presentations are an excellent opportunity for community members of all ages to learn about local wildlife and how we can contribute to their conservation.

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