The Story

PA Woods and Forests is a dedicated community passionate about the conservation of amphibians and reptiles encountered in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

 As we venture through the lands of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we endeavor to document the incredible biodiversity and demonstrate the significance of these fascinating plants and animals.

In addition to our expeditions within the woods of Pennsylvania, we also have  pets that act as ambassadors for educational representation for certain species that are native to the state. Exotic forests containing southern species such as Southeastern Five Lined Skinks from the US and White's Tree Frogs native to Australia (Five Lined Dumpy Family)

The native ambassadors of the PA Woods and Forests Community are American Toads and Gray Tree Frogs. These two species are the featured animals for expeditions and captive care. 

Whether it is exploring through the woods and forests on expeditions, or displaying captive representation of the frogs and toads, There are many reasons to learn about the PA Woods and Forests. Join us as we tell our stories.