What We Focus On

PA Woods and Forests is a dedicated non-profit organization and a community for those passionate about the woods and forests of Pennsylvania to connect, support our various projects, and be entertained and educated about the creatures that live in their backyards. We are passionate about the conservation of frogs and toads encountered in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  While frogs and toads are the main focus, we also focus on other flora and fauna. Plants, invertebrates, and other amphibians and reptiles are all prioritized. We are very involved in helping to conserve habitat for the purple pitcher plant, as one example.

In addition to our citizen science surveys and searching for other fauna, we also have pets that act as ambassadors for educational representation for certain species that are native to the state. Exotic vivariums housing a southern species of lizard; the Southeastern Five Lined Skinks from the US and White's Tree Frogs native to Australia (Five Lined Dumpy Family) are one of the displays we use for educational and entertaining purposes.

Many native species are ambassadors and are for education. American toads, gray tree frogs, wood frogs, carpenter ants, and the purple pitcher plant are examples of native pets that were filmed and displayed for education for the public.

We focus on four main projects that benefit the public. One show, 'All Seasons', focuses on hiking and camping around Pennsylvania. We film many amazing hiking trails and camping sites. Another show is 'Wild Vivariums' This show focuses on most of the pet ambassadors we mentioned above. We give presentations, create care videos, and showcase the animals' behavior inside their enclosures.

We have two limited series. Frog Week is our conservation project we showcase every year. We film and conduct citizen science surveys and document the species we find and the quantity to the state. We release the project every year in the summer, collecting footage from the beginning of the season until July or August, and release the videos footage in a week-long celebration.

The other series has yet to debut but is the most exciting. This series will be a docu-series featuring native species and how they collectively create an ecosystem and how their environment changes from season to season. Can a toad be the star animal and generate interest? We will find out. We will have more information about this project at a later date.

PA Woods and Forests focuses on the conservation and education of amphibians, reptiles, plants, and inverts, but we encourage the public to go hiking and camping because it will create more interest and give more reason to conserve the land these various creatures need in Pennsylvania. Follow us as we focus on the woods and forests of Pennsylvania.