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Frog Week 2022

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     Frog Week 2022 is a conservation project created by PA Woods and Forests founder and president AAron Capouellez with the intent to make people care about their native frogs and toads. This year, the project features four main amphibians: wood frogs, American toads, eastern gray tree frogs, and pickerel frogs.

     This edition of Frog Week will focus more on storytelling from documentary-styled videos. Twelve videos will focus on presenting these abundant amphibians from a different perspective and show behavior audiences have never seen before. Monday, August 1st, the first episode will debut on the PA Woods and Forests YouTube channel at 10 AM. The second episode will be released Tuesday, August 2nd at 10 AM. From Wednesday to Sunday, two videos will be uploaded, one at 10 AM and one in primetime at 7 PM. Make sure to watch the entire Frog Week 2022 playlist on YouTube!


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Frog Week Is Sponsored By:

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Meet And Greet With AAron Capouellez:
Special Guest Lineup:


Facebook Live Discussion with Josh's Frogs

@ 2 PM

Josh's Frogs Facebook


Interview with Bo Moore (WCRO) @ 6 PM

Facebook (Part 1) YouTube (Part 2)


Facebook Live with DJ (Herpetologist at Erie Zoo) @ 7 PM

Frogs and Toads Facebook Group


Tiktok Live with Josh's Frogs 

Josh's Frogs Tiktok


Facebook Live with Drew Kanes (Clemson Graduate Student) @ 7 PM

AAron Capouellez Facebook Profile


Facebook Watch Party with PA Woods and Forests Crew

@ 8 PM

AAron Capouellez Facebook Profile


Stuver's Nursery

2 PM to 5 PM


Tractor Supply - Johnstown

1 PM to 5 PM


Mill House Cafe

5 PM to Close


Beaverdale Public Library

10 AM to 1 PM


Hope Cyclery

2PM to 5PM

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